About GAIA Arts

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." Scott Adams.

GAIA has a determined campaign to encourage simmering or unexposed creativity in individuals. We support new, lost, forgotten or hidden artists or craftspeople, who have become neglected in the drudge of commercial art and soulless creativity.

GAIA's art department works as a platform and support group for people to find for the first time or re-discover their creative expression, and allows them to explore it with the public, through exhibitions, workshops, festivals or participating events.

We concentrate our attentions on those who may have been neglected for being the wrong culture, wrong age, wrong style, wrong sex, wrong ability or wrong medium in a world, that, is obsessed with sound bites, clichés, conservatism, mono-culture, media-hype and entertainment. The escalating prices and expenses involved in gallery hire and exhibiting over-heads has created a professional artist and pushed-out the true artist.

GAIA's exhibition department supports and nurtures creative people without exploiting them, either financially or artistically, or pampering them into inactivity. The expenses incurred by exhibiting artists are divided up amongst all the contributing exhibitors, encouraging a cooperative style input. GAIA does not seek to make a profit, but, undertakes the responsibility for promotion, advertising, design, administration, hanging and private view refreshments.


Data Protection: We do not collect or store any personal information from e-mails, telephone conversations or websites (unless we have your consent to retain your e-mail or postal address for further correspondence). Nor do we pass-on any personal information to any third party.