"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make them your friend." Abraham Lincoln.

The most important part of GAIA's work is to educate.

To educate those who think that a 'green' business is unfeasible; to educate those who think that a 'green' business is unprofitable; to educate those who think that cruelty is the only way through life; to educate those who think that art needs to be simply high-brow or low-brow; to educate those who need to see that we all need to be accountable and responsible.

One way of doing all of this is to let others speak for us. We allow a third of our work and time at GAIA to be dedicated to promoting other like-minded organizations, campaign groups, NGO's or companies...

Our promotions department works on promoting other causes through our own various projects, as well as taking on visual/audio projects of its own to produce promotional films for organizations to help spread their word.

Data Protection: We do not collect or store any personal information from e-mails, telephone conversations or websites (unless we have your consent to retain your e-mail or postal address for further correspondence). Nor do we pass-on any personal information to any third party.