"The absolute truth is that nothing of what we do in terms of education or communication or staff relations or community care is undertaken with an eye on our 'image', or how it will be viewed in the City, or by our competitors, or by anyone else. If there is a single motivation for what we do it is, in the words of the American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'to put love where our labour is.''" Anita Roddick from 'Body And Soul'.

B.G. [Before GAIA]
1985 - Yew Tree Productions becomes an (unincorporated) umbrella company for a variety of playwrights, poets, designers and painters.

1986 to 1988 - YTP promote National Poetry Exhibition Tour.

1986 - YTP commissioned as Designers for Cambridge bands.

1989 to 1992 - YTP Writers contribute sketches to Newsrevue (London fringe weekly stage news show).

1990 - YTP produce first stage play.

1991 - YTP Writers contribute to sketches to Newsrevue's Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show.

1993 - NSPPC Covent Garden busk, for YTP supported Oratorio 'Out Of Step'.

"Don't push the river, it flows by itself." Fritz Perls.

A.C. [After Incorporation]
April 1999 - GAIA is incorporated.

1999 to 2002 - GAIA Annual Autumn Art Exhibition.

1999 - Members of AccountAbility.

2000 - GAIA's non-profit-making arts and ecological education and campaigns department are formed.

2000 - GAIA AJ&K Promotions become management group and agents for a number of national and international athletes.

2000 - 'Fish Out Of Water' programmes initiated.

2000 - 'Square Peg In A Round Hole' programmes initiated.

2001 - GAIA Children's Art Workshop and Exhibition: In association with The GAIA Initiative and NSPCC to highlight children's creativity and welfare.

2001 - GAIA becomes principle sponsors to a number of national and international athletes.

2001 - Launched the Free Sport Campaign.

2001 - First out-of-house GAIA Designs Project.

2002 - Launched local Allotment Support Newsletter.

2003 - First GAIA Paperbacks publication: '101 Blanket Poses'.

2003 - Artist's Support Service initiated.

2005 - Launched pilot 'GAIA's Ethcial Standards Award' (E.S.A.).

2006 to 2007 - Launched the 'Ceredigion Coastal Challenge 2007' ('CCC-2007') in association with The GAIA Initiative, Asthma UK (Cymru) and Journeys. An ultra swim and run promotional event to highlight issues related to Depression and Asthma.

2007 - Launched The 'Sit, Down, Shut-Up And Listen' national gigs campaign in association with The GAIA Initiative, Asthma UK (Cymru) and Journeys. Six gigs, six enues, twenty bands, two issues and one night!

2009 - First GAIA Films short promotional film: 'Depression 1'.

"The pressures of being a parent are equal to any pressure on earth. To be a conscious parent, and really look to that little being's mental and physical health, is a responsibility which most of us, including me, avoid most of the time because it's too hard." John Ono Lennon.

N.E. [New Era]

2010 - GAIA Unlimited is born, as GAIA is re-born.