Filming is boring. But, I’d rather be the one who makes the films, than, everyone who watching them. I’d rather be part of making art, than being one of the many who just consumes it on a sofa. We’re (artists) creating a new world. We’re creating the fashions and trends that people follow. We’re creating the talk that makes-up people’s conversations. We’re creating somewhere for people to go to get away. Being in a film, lasts longer than watching it. When you die you can’t watch anymore films. But, after I die my films (and art) will still survive.Vranek.

No-Budget Film-Making

GAIA does not believe that to be involved in film-making one has to be so enveloped in ones own importance that one forsakes the needs and welfare of others.

We do not see film-making as an industry but an art, as such we refrain from the formulaic and aesthetically banal and puerile celluloid pretensions so prevalent in the western film 'industry'.

Our objective is to make films accessible and immediate.

We aim to show that one does not have to compromise ones artistic and creative developments and explorations. We endeavour, in all our productions, whether in feature dramas, stage productions or promotional films to deliver a product that entertains, educates and through all its processes has had the least derogatory impact on the environment.

Our film department is not solely dedicated to the productions of art, but, has a policy to encourage a more ethical and ecological involvement in the processes; to support neglected individuals interested in pursuing film-making or stage productions within a less academic and sterile environment and in a more hands-on workplace; and to promote similarly ecologically minded organizations and venues.

GAIA Films welcomes hearing from film-makers (budding, burgeoning or experienced) about their projects or about their interest in working with GAIA Films on one of its film projects.

If you have an idea of your own and want to work on it with the support of
GAIA Films or if you simply want to be involved in a GAIA Films project, please feel free to contact us.

You can either use the contact page or contact the Head of
GAIA Films on: gaiafilms[at]

"A director's job is to preside over accidents." Orson Wells.