"Films ought to be mainstream, but, what I try to do is up the standard and the level of what I would call mainstream cinema." Ridley Scott 'Omnibus'.

Be part of bringing GAIA's forthcoming film project to fruition.

Current Film Project:

The Vorsprung Heptalogy

Heptalogy Film Statement:

Project Details:

Though, their is much secrecy about the details of the stories and events in each film, due to the manner in which the director of the project works, GAIA can reveal that each film centres on one main character who runs through all the films and that all the films vary in genres, film-making styles and themes.

Often touching on sensitive social themes, nevertheless, each film have subtle underlying humour and optimism.

The first film, featuring simply a boy and a man on a road, was originally based on a true event that featured a man and a sheep. The director of the project changing the sheep to the boy to avoid a myriad of filming complications, that, might arise during working with a sheep, uncovers a whole new layer to the viewing of the story and a new relevance and symbolism to the boy.

The second film is a series or four short stories, about how death presents itself in our lives and how we cope in the varying circumstances. The four true stories are glazed in humour lying behind the pain and upset of death.

Moving through various themes, the sixth film is a truly audacious experimental film, that, pushes the boundaries of what defines film-making or movies, and encourages a collective creative viewing experience. This is preceded by a semi-documented trip ‘down memory’ lane. Revisiting a past city in a former european eastern bloke state, where the director of the project spent some formative months brewing and founding what was to become GAIA Unlimited.

Throughout the films, there are homages to many people admired by the director of the project. From other film-makers such as Abbas Kiarostami and Alfred Hitchcock, to writer’s such as The Brothers Grimm and Douglas Adams, to artist such a Emil Nolde and Vincent van Gogh.

Each film have an abundence of hidden gems and symbolic references to literature, spiritualism, art, philosophy or everyday life. Plus, an echo of the previous film in each of the next one.

Not elevating itself to be something more than it is, this seven film series on the contrary stands as an example of how lesser known film-makers and artists can create art within their capabilities, within their resources and within their talents.

If there is any ‘message’ from this project, it is that if you are are a true artist you shouldn’t wait around for someone to drop the perfect project in your lap, but that, you should get up and take control of your own artistic destiny.

As the main character in the films shows, if there isn’t a path in life for you to follow, build your own path to follow.

Heptalogy Film Budget Statement:

Why Invest In this Project (What’s In It For You)?:

There is the obvious kudos of being part of an arts project and having your name carved in history as someone who has contributed something to the spiritual, creative and beautification of life.

Remember, other than in Audio or Social HIstory projects nurses, lawyers, teachers and so forth will not be remembered in history as anything more than part of a bigger industrial society. However, harsh this is, it is true. But, through arts projects like this you can truly stand-out from the crowd as someone who has contributed in an individual way to create a little colour in an often harsh grey world.

At GAIA, we are in no way denigrating the brilliant and valuable work of nurses and teachers et al. Indeed, we are encouraging these same people to be seen.

In funding projects like this you can not only bring creative colour to the world, but, use it to stand-up and say what you do in your day-to-day job. You can be the name behind the funding, that, brought this project to life and you can tell the world you did it as a nurse, lawyer or teacher.

What we do at GAIA is no different to what anyone in the industrial treadmill does. We repair people, bring hope to people, comfort people, bring a smile to people, guide people and leave without a big ‘thank you’ or publicity circus. Just in the same way you do in your day-to-day job.

At GAIA, we are doing the same as anyone else in a hospital or school. Which is why we hope you will join this project and help fund it and help us inspire others to do as we do.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Speak to an old world with a new voice." GAIA.