"Technical accomplishment is the easiest way to convince people that you're clever. Technique is meant to be the servant of the music and the servant of communication. Once you get just fingers blinding you, it's not a great concept." Nigel kennedy.

All of the music, that, comes out of GAIA has the same immediacy, emotional content and honesty. No amount of music technology, training, know-how or technical ability can replace the pure innate reaction of a being manifesting their emotions through a musical instrument.

GAIA Records, we strive for a complete sound. The importance being put on the creative process, the enthusiasm and the relaxed and mutual encouragement, rather than, a sterile finished product full of gloss, over elaborate musical arrangements and pompous musicianship.

With our music, whether it be a solo or group piece, a film or theatre score we retain the purity and honesty, that, prevail throughout all of the GAIA departments. Our mission is to allow everybody to contribute, everybody to be able to listen and everybody to feel encouraged to do something of their own.

Our motivation is to have a good time, create sounds and not to market our end products towards a commercial market or benchmark.

GAIA Records welcomes hearing from musicians and bands (budding, burgeoning or experienced) about their projects or about their interest in working with GAIA Records on one of its projects.

If you have an idea of your won and would like to work on it with the support of
GAIA Records, or if you simply want to be invoved in a GAIA Records project, please free to contacts us.

You can either use the contact page or contact the Head of
GAIA Records: gaiarecords[at]gaiaunlimited.co.uk

When you hear musicians, 5 or 6 of them in a room and you hear their imperfections. That’s the human element. If a guy falls off of a stool, who’s playing the drums, I wouldn’t not give a shit. As long as he don’t miss a beat. He can get back up and climb back up and most people, including myself think, ‘that’s great’: That’s the human element. There’s fault. So, the imperfections gives it the human element. So, I believe this is what we need today more of. And that’s how you make magic and great records.Rich Hall.

The Plastic Revolutionary Band