“I’m still above ground, baby! Can’t ask for more than that at 83 years of age.” [When asked ‘how are you, today?’] Nick Bollettieri.

Studios are not just a series of arts production studios, but, a way of life. Situated in the grounds of the GAIA Headquarters they comprise a painting studio, a music recording studio, a film studio, various outdoor live music sites and a cinema-cum-rehearsal room.

Gone are the mantles of sterile working environments. At
GAIA Studios we offer a family atmosphere in a rural setting.

"The studio had to be a place, that, we knew that nothing is perfection... And the worse thing we could hunt for was perfection. We had to have enough belief in each other to say: 'Hey, we're going to make mistakes and that just might be the thing that's different about it'." Sam Phillips.

"Real Time" Collection:
GAIA's "Real Time" Collection is our way of music and movie-making, where real time is employed during the start to finish creative and production process. An extension of GAIA's recording philosphy to record live and gain immediacy and energy, "Real Time" goes even further. Within this framework, we employ an inclusive practice whereby anyone of any ability can enjoy the process of working within an art's project unhindered by the notion of preconceived western ideologies of quality, form, structure, ability and motivation.
John Lennon once said something along the lines, that, he wanted to: "
write a song in the morning, record it at lunchtime and release it in the evening."
At GAIA, we have developed 'Instant Art' as homage to Lennon's idea and inspired by our experience of the culture in former eastern Germany, where funding, finance and quality of musicianship/film-making/writing/dancing/whatever was not an exclusion from partictipation or an excuse for not making art.
With GAIA's "
Real Time", projects are produced in a chronological working process. There are no re-takes: no second chances. From start to finish, it is all about real time. Have an idea. Shoot it. Edit it. Compose the music. Record the music. Finalize the edit. Add titles and it's finished. All done in one space of time. No next day editing. No mulling-over ideas. No re-shoots or re-takes.
Whatever the result. However it looks or sounds. Mistakes and all. The energy is addictive.
Paramount is to create. To get-up-off-your-arse and just make art. Instant Art. Don't wait for the money, the finance, the funding, the grant, the record company or film studio support. Just produce the work
Instant Art!

The Rehearsal Space:
This is a stone-built barn, that, houses GAIA's Film Screening Events and Gallery Space. The room has a relaxed feel, that, can be adapted to any need. As well as GAIAs Film Screenings, they have housed Yoga sessions, band rehearsals, and have even acted as a film set. They are, also, in use as a small live music venue (for GAIA's 'Virtual Live Music Programme') and as optional recording space.

The Recording Studio:
Unlike most of the studio spaces, which are primarily used only for in-house productions, GAIA's Recording Studio is open to the public. Housed within the grounds, the studio is equiped with a 16HD digital recording desk with a five-peice drum set and an abundance of percussion instruments. The studio, also, offers the use of a piano accordian, hammer dulcimer, mini-xylophone, lap steal, banjitar, USB keyboard and various flute/recorder instruments.

The recording studios are open for business between April and September. We start our recording sessions at 8 a.m. and end at 8 p.m.. We have a one-and-a-half hour lunch which is provided by GAIA. The studio is set-up and designed to embrace GAIA's brand and working practices. We offer performers the opportunity to record in a way they may never had done, in one live take, engineeered and produced by GAIA's own staff and in GAIA's style. Included in the package, along woth the recording and lunch, is a finishd master E.P. recording or Single, and design package for the disc and sleeve and inlay in GAIA's unique design style.

Not just a recording experience, but a working experience...

The Film Studio:
GAIA has aready used its various indoor and outdoor spaces as part of film sets. GAIA's film department GAIA Films has its editing room here as well as this use of the stoone-built barn for Film screenings.

The Live Spaces:
In conjunction with GAIA's 'Virtual Live Music Programme', where music acts are invited to perform a live set either in front of a small number of people or to a virtual audience on-line, GAiA offers various other outdoor sites to perform their set. From an orchard, to a meadow, to a living willow dome to a woodland...

For those who are coming from afar, we offer the opportunity to camp out under the stars in a family atmosphere.

We should emphasis, that, it is a working ethical small-holding. As such, visitors are asked to appreciate and observe, shutting gates, keeping pathways clear for small-holding access and work, not picking and eating all the fruits as this is our product. We should, also, remind visitors that this is a family home a and as such we would asked that visitors adhere to our life-style practices: No smoking anywhere inside or outside of GAIA's property; no animal food products to be brought onto or consumed anywhere inside or outside of GAIA's property; no alcohol to be brought onto or consumed anywhere inside or outside of GAIA's property; no shoes (or outside footwear to be worn inside any buildings; only medically prescribed drugs to be taken throughout the duration of your visit; and a consideratio towards the younger family members as regard the use of obsene language.

We encourage visitors to leave the space as they found it and with as minimal footprint as possible.

GAIA Studios welcomes hearing from musicians and bands (budding, burgeoning or experienced) about their projects or about their interest in working with GAIA Studios on one of its projects.

"Campaigning for you and with you." GAIA.