GAIA Studios
A New Experience.

Spring & Autumn Training Workshops

Lo-Fi, No-Budget, Instant Art

GAIA Studios are situated in the grounds of the GAIA Headquarters comprising a painting studio, a music recording studio, a film studio, various outdoor live music sites and a cinema-cum-rehearsal room.

The Rehearsal Space: GAIA's Film Screening Events and Gallery Space. Yoga sessions. Band rehearsals. GAIA's 'Virtual Live Music Programme'). Even film set.

The Recording Studio: GAIA's Recording Studio is equipped with a 16HD digital recording desk with a five-piece drum set and an abundance of percussion instruments. The studio, also, offers the use of a piano accordian, hammer dulcimer, mini-xylophone, lap steal, banjitar, USB keyboard and various flute/recorder instruments.

The Film Studio: GAIA's film department GAIA Films has its editing room here, as well as, in-house Film screening facilities.

The Live Spaces: GAIA's 'Virtual Live Music Programme', invites music acts to perform a live set either in front of a small number of people or to a virtual audience on-line.

"There is absolutely no reason why the bricks and mortar and red seats of a movie theatre need to be the definition of what is a cinema, full stop. A cinema is any space where chairs can be placed all facing in the same direction; where a white wall or screen [or sheet] exists; and where a medium-priced digital projector is connected to a tape or a DVD or even a computer with a couple of speakers. That is a cinema." Mike Figgis.