"(Fair) Trade not charity/aid." GAIA.

GAIA's principles of dissipating information and knowledge are primary above overtly glossy, over-designed and fancy materials. In the spirit of early nineteenth century labour rights campaigners, like Jack Strivener, Joe Hill and co., our products are packaged/presented as minimalistically as possible, so that the contents are the important factor, not the cover, the paper, the binding, the dust cover...

Products with a social and environmental conscience means sometimes the same book or bookette, may, appear with varying colours depending on how the ink decides to print on that day. We print on demand. Not in blocks of 100, 500, 1000 or ilk.

Toys are made from reclaimed or recylced materials found on our travels. We are true Wombles. Using the things that other folks leave behind.

Some products are temporarily out-of-stock at present, due to their 'hand-made/hand-printed nature.

There may well be some glitsches to this whole site, but particularly to the 'Products' page we envisage rather more. So, please bear with us.

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"Did you sleep well?" Doctor
"I don't know. I didn't stay awake to find out." Henry Molaison