"Carbon 'off-setting' is the excuse for non-ethical people to pollute with a conscience! You are still polluting! You are still destroying the environment. Planting trees doesn't undo the damage!" GAIA.

We have five galleries, at present.

There are no preferences to who exhibits where. Each room has its own personal feel and advantages.

Feel free to meander around from room to room. We hope, one day, to be able to have a 3D virtual tour of the rooms.

If you have any questions about exhibiting please bear in mind we charge an initial set-up administrative fee.

All works shown are for sale (unless stated otherwise), so if you have enquiries about price of works and would like to purchase a piece please contact us by e-mail:

Alternatively, you can visit our 'Products' page for a list of the works available and their prices:
Click Here.