"You can't treat people unfairly and not expect them to react angrily. The wrong-doer, aggressor must take 90% of the responsibilty of the anger and aggression thrown back at them by hurt and dis-enfranchised people." GAIA.

GAIA Cinema is our on-line, moving pictures page.

We have divided the films into a few categories, for ease of orienating. Though, GAIA's film-makers do not recognise 'sub-divisions' like 'Documentaries', 'Shorts', 'Social Realisim' et al. Their attitude is, that, '
a film is a film' irrespective of its social reality, length, format or ilk.

GAIA film-makers do adhere to a few practrices, such as, to use as much natural light and sound as possible, and as little post-production effects as possible.

You can click on any of the titles below to find out more about the films before you watch them. Or, you can go to one of the film pages via the 'Menu' to watch a film straight away.

"Amoureux" "Every Grain Of Sand" "Welcome (Kashamdid)" "GAIA Website Cinema Trailer" "Cyclemart Promotional Film" "GAIA Recording Studio Promotional Film" "Jablko" "5 Minutes - Part 1: The Bee" "5 Minutes - Part 2: The Flower"