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GAIA's unorthodox methods have lead us to establish, pioneer, adopt and successfully practice the "
Zero Balance Sheet", "Open Book Management", "Philanthropic Business Acumen" and many other unconventional and yet healthy business/management practices.

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"The business of business should not just be about money, it should be about responsibility.
It should be about public good, not private greed."
Anita Roddick.

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"School doesn't teach us that we can make our hobbies our career. So, it has no use to us." GAIA.

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"We learn to think about everything. Then, we train our eyes to look as we think about the things we look at. We look at ourselves already thinking that we are important. Therefore, we've got to feel important! But, when a man learns to see, he realises that he can no longer think about the things he looks at, and if he can not think about what he looks at everything becomes unimportant." Don Juan talking to Carlos Castaneda from "A Separate Reality".


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GAIA Unlimited
GAIA is an ethical multi-media arts and ecological education organization: working in publications, presentations, performances, campaigns, design, films, promotions, art and sports management, marketing and advertising.