"Running to catch-up with the past." GAIA.

Most former athletes who don't file-back into the general workplace, or become coaches, or television pundits, or commentators or presenters become 'consultants'. Sprinters sell their knowledge and experience and become 'Sprint Consultants'. Giving workshops to anyone who wants to gain the edge in speed, whether in another sport or in leisure.

Few translate their knowledge and expertise into the use and improvement of the mind.

Vranek devised 'The Vorsprung Workshop' through his work as an international sprints and horizontal coach. Even doing this period his coaching group was made-up of national boxers, international judo fighters and club swimmers. All benefitting from Vranek's unique holistic approach to coaching and gaining speed and technique.

Unlike most British coaches Vranek based his knowledge, first, around physiology, then applied this to the discipline of sprinting. Over many years and in many sports British coaching still suffers from the adage, that, 'this is how is has always been done'. Coaching drills and techniques without actually knowing the reason for them or meaning of them.

'The Vorsprung Workshop', in essence is a master class in sprinting. But, showing you how the drills. exercies and disciplines or sprint training can benefit anyone in any discpline in life, whether it be combating Dyslexia, anger-management, successfully running a business, communicating with employees, improving your self-awaresness or getting the most out of a leisure sport.

This workshop employs simple exercises, that, can improve the communication pathways from your brain to your body and enhance your over-all life.

For a quote and how to book a group or individual workshop please contact us: mothership[at]gaiaunlimited.co.uk

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