As Utah Phillips said, "the past didn't go anywhere"... Although, that is not quite true in this case, because the past did go somewhere, it came here.

This is GAIA's 'Archive' webpage. All the content from the main site, that have been usurped, up-dated and replaced have found a new home here.

This is where you will find anything that has been moved off the main pages, but, we wanted to keep a presence of it on the website.

However much the main website gets up-dated and moves through new content, style or ilk, this is where the old can live on.

aliens here
There is no such thing as, 'an illegal war*', or 'civilized' rules on conflict as outlined in places such as 'The Geneva Convention'.
As long as people perpetuate these perversions of a 'civilized' society they can never truly understand peace.
[*War: as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary]

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